The Systems Design Thinking Process

While dealing with a project, think from a solution perspective, where various components are combined to provide a solution to a set of requirements. As a Solution Design Engineer, here are a few questions that ought to come to mind.

What are the objectives? Who are the stakeholders? Are they also the budget holders? (wondering question). Who are the users? What technical teams are in place? What skills are available? What skills do we need? What tools are available?

What is the current business process (AS-IS)? What will the prospective business process be (To-Be)? Can this be justified to improve the current process? Can it be satisfied with a bespoke software with some tweaking? Or can it be rather satisfied with custom-development? Can the cost be justified? Will it need further support? Is the vendor recognized?

Who are the customers? What is the volume? What is the potential volume? Is there an IT support team? Is there a vendor support team? What is the support framework? What is the vendor’s support metrics?

Do we have the hardware? Do we need to procure? Would we need to deploy to the cloud? What would be the cost? Would a hybrid solution satisfy the requirements?

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