Assume the exhibits of a coded mind. A mindful thought in the fog, seeking virtuality in reality. Scripting domains out of nonentity. Fluxing bits and streams, pushing pipelines of bits, seeking freedom to explore and explode, into emerging solutions, never before seen, never before felt, never before scripted.
Allow the mind to explore, into the extremes of non-reality, unrestricted by the limits of reality, assured of positive exploration, guided by unassuming bugs, ever so clear and present, keeping the mindful thoughts afloat, from the abyss of imperfect platforms, or is it imperfect human creators?
Nonetheless, let the mind flow, let it swim, let it explore, let it grow, let it break, let it create, let it innovate. Let it be free.

Unity 3DJavaMobile
Augmented RealityC#Desktop
Virtual RealityC++Cloud

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