Privacy Policy

The RMS Titanic Steel Museum game app is a simulation app that shows the player a realistic-sized view of the engines of the RMS Titanic, which sank during her maiden voyage on August 14, 2012. The app serves, not only to provide information on the components of the engine room, but also to give a visual appreciation of the size of the engine components.

Personal Data

The RMS Titanic Steel Museum mobile app does not collect any user data. This is not required because the user tracking is not required in order to explore all the features of the simulation game. The last location of the user within the app is stored using waypoints that are generated within the app and this is the only form of data that is tied to a current player.


The free version of the mobile app does not include adverts because the developers believe that having adverts pop up inadvertently would drastically minimize and extensively dwarf the excitement that they hoped the game, even in free version, would create for the player. Nonetheless, the paid version of the app does include extra features, which immensely improve the sense of the being in the engine room environment.

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